Stephanie Chavez

Executive Chef

When you’re crazy for fine dining - When you’re here, you’re Family - Where the food’s the star...

Stephanie Chavez

Farm to table” is the essential philosophy of this chef. A good portion of Chef Stehanie's life was spent in Central Valley, instilling in her a lifelong passion for fresh and locally sourced cuisine.

imageAfter working in the industry for 6 years she attended Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary arts and studied French cuisine. After graduating in 2011, she found her love for fine dining at Ernie’s Food and Spirits. Ready to grow as a Chef, she came to Galletto to push herself and dive into fine Italian cuisine.

 Stephanie has a passion for working with fresh local and sustainable ingredients and particularly seafood. Learning from many Chefs along the way, she continues to learn and find creative ways for guests to truly enjoy their dining experiences.

Chef Staphanie joined Galletto Ristorante and choose to bring her affable demeanor to Galletto’s kitchen, and you’ll find his inventive nature throughout the restaurant’s delicious menu .



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