Tina Price

Special Events Director

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Tina Price

Tina Price is the special events director at Galletto Ristorante. Tina has 20+ years’ experience in hospitality. She has been with Galletto Ristorante for image10 years and has worked in all areas including banquet server to banquet captain to front of house manager and finally at events coordinator.

Tina is a long-time resident of Modesto Ca. With over 10 years of events management experience, Tina uses her trademark skills of problem solving, creativity, and flexibility to help clients produce evnts and weddings. She excels at logistics and operations, and her attention to detail means that events go smoothly from concept to completion. Good at wearing multiple hats.

Tina is adept at responding quickly to changing circumstances, always maintaining an upbeat, can-do attitude. As a Special Event Director, she specializes in customer service that nurtures positive, productive relationships with both clients and suppliers. Tina advances her clients’ mission by making the most of their event experiences, while minimizing cost.




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