What Our Clients Are Saying

Just to say, "Thanks very much, Galletto Ristorante." Your service offers people the chance to test a restaurant at a reasonable price. We enjoyed your restaurant very much and intend future dining there. Last night I had Galletto Burger for the first time. Your restaurant certificate paid for most of this luxury item. I certainly will go back for more.

Appreciatively, Fernando Sam-Sin


Absolutely Fabulous! Elegant Perfection! Our events at Galletto Ristorante is always memorable. The team is so dedicated. Everything is done from the heart.

Thank you, Brooke Haney.

We had a great time at Galletto Ristorante . You can expect top notch service, a varied menu, and yummy food. Low key background music makes it easy to communicate with your table companions.

Many Thanks, Tim Coleman

Sending a quick note of appreciation for the excellent service provided and delicious food served at the rehearsal dinner for Becky and Kyle on Friday, June 3rd. You assured us that ‘Galletto Ristorante’ would take good care of us, and you were absolutely correct – everybody and everything certainly met all of our expectations and more. Thanks for all your help and Suggestions Planning our Successful and memorable event…A great time was had by all!!

Sincerely, Marty Van Dyun

The words thank you do not begin to express my gratitude for making a small family reunion such a special event this past Saturday.

 We had fourteen family members and very close friends join together at your restaurant this past Saturday at 11:30 a.m. This was a special, heartfelt occasion for many reasons…one being my sister, Rose, was in Ohio from San Diego for the first time in more than three years.

The other was for her to see everyone following the September loss of our beloved Ohio cousin who died in San Diego with Rose by her side. And as anyone who was there knows – we ALSO had two birthdays to celebrate, including my aunt’s 85th! Everyone complimented the restaurant, the food, the service. The young woman who took such good and personal care of all of us is a treasure. I’ve been to Galletto Ristorante many times over the years and since I work right up the street, I’m there occasionally for lunch. Good people. you outdid yourselves! Thank you, and may you all have a joyous and healthy holiday season!

Truly, Michelle Van Parks